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At last! The Parliamentary Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport has injected a lot of sense into governmental discussion of copyright. More here...

The government has sprung on us yet another consultation -oh joy! - this time on powers to regulate collecting societies. We'll post initial responses as soon as possible.

The government has held a very restricted consultation on plans to expand "exceptions" to copyright - the conditions under which a creator's works may be used without permission or payment. See our response to all three rounds here.

The sections of ERR Bill changing copyright law had their nearly-final debate in the House of Lords at Report Stage on 11 March:see the report here. In consultations on the implementation of the "orphan works" and "extended collective licensing" provisions, officials clearly understood our concerns, at least: see update from which links to Frequently Asked Questions debunking some alarmist interpretations. Proposals for implementing the scheme may appear in the autumn of 2013.

You can read the CRA's response to the consultation  that led to these changes here; our position and submissions to the Hargreaves review here; and our response to the response here.

An announcement from the UK government on proposals on exceptions to copyright was promised for this year, trailed to slip to early 2013, then released on 20 December. Will squatters' rights prevail over copyright?

On 5 December the European Commission announced that it was re-opening European law on exceptions - response here.

There is far too much else going on, particularly a parallel review of copyright law in the Republic of Ireland - which shows signs of the government there coming under remarkably similar pressures.

The Business, Innovation and Skills select committee  inquiry into the Hargreaves Review's recommendations has reported - sceptically about an exception to copyright for parodic use and about 'data mining' but supporting many other recommendations. Our submission is here.

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